Those discounting Ousainou Darboe from taking part in future Presidential elections, should brace up for a surprise. Darboe says if the late ANC leader Nelson Mandela can walk out of jail and become the President of South Africa at the age of 72, he sees no reason why he cannot become Gambia’s President at the age of 73.

Darboe has accused a section of the UDP diaspora of hating on him. He blames them for the current division within his party.

“Let me say here clear categorically that the diaspora is the main cause of the all the problems that we are facing here. The people who came from the diaspora and wanted to be something and they think that the only way they can live is to create a wage within the United Democratic Party, but they will fail; they will fail; they will fail because they don’t have the competence; they don’t have the support; they don’t have the support; they are nobody; they have nothing. We know them,” Darboe remarked.

“They are sitting out there falsely saying that I am not contended. Contented for what? They are sitting out there saying that I am old. Agreed. I want to thank God for preserving my life. I am praying to God to further prolong my life,” he added.

Darboe still harbors Presidential ambition. Hear him again:  Nelson Mandela, at age 72, he walks out of prison to lead South Africa. I am saying that I am not afraid to be the President of The Gambia, but I will be proud to lead The Gambia, when I am age 73. President Buhari is more than 73 years of age.”

The UDP leader has praised the likes of Wassa Janneh, Pa Saikou Kujabi and Maimuna Ceesay for their immense contribution towards Gambia’s liberation from dictatorship.

We are very grateful the United Democratic Party to our diaspora community for their immense contribution in times of our needs. They stood by us in every way,” he said.

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