“The Gambian people have endured a lot during Jammeh’s rule. As I told you, Never Again is being promoted by the TRRC. We should be mindful of anything precedence that will retard our democracy. If we start seeing some of the things that occasioned Never Again, we should talk about it; we should condemn it. This is a Coalition government. They said when they were forming the Coalition I was not here, but my party was part of it. There was no Coalition between individuals. There was no Coalition between individuals. It was between political parties and the UDP is part of those parties that formed the Coalition,” Darboe said.

The UDP leader is apparently insinuating that Adama Barrow was not elected as an individual president. He says parties formed alliance, which propelled Barrow into the Presidency.

“The goal was to vote Jammeh out of power so that parties can be free to exercise their democratic rights without any undue hinderance. Whether a Coalition government or whatever; every party has the right to empower its own party. We will make sure that the UDP is empowered. We have to organize our party; whether we are in the Executive or outside the Executive; we have to organize our party because it is by virtue of being a member of a party that we are part of the Coalition government. If we were not in an organized party, there would have been no way that we would have been in Coalition government,” he added.

Darboe also said the likes of Lamin Jatta are not UDP members. He called on UDP impostors to desist from their foolery and political deception.

“If you are in UDP yesterday, and today, you decide that you are not interested in party, please leave. That is your right. That’s what we fought for. We fought for freedom of association and we will never negate that. Don’t pretend to be UDP, when you are not UDP. We will not tolerate that. That will not happen again. We know them,” he said.

He says former UDP members, who do not share the party’s values, are free to form their own political parties than causing trouble within the party. He says the more political parties have, the merrier it would be.

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