Gambia’s Vice President Ousainou Darboe says Gambia’s “NEVER AGAIN” campaign spearheaded by the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), does not only stop at ending false arrest, enforced disappearances, and torture, but also to prevent any form of self-perpetuating rule and corruption in The Gambia. Darboe spoke at the UDP rally in Bakoteh over the weekend. He is apparently throwing shades at President Adama Barrow. Mr. Barrow was voted into office as a transitional leader, but he has since walked away from the very democratic foundation that propelled him into the presidency. He has begun power grabbing and consolidation.  

“We will ensure that dictatorship comes to an end in this country. If you see the TRRC’s mantra is centered on the slogan “NEVER AGAIN” it is because we do not want to see another dictatorship in The Gambia. Never again, does not only necessarily mean stopping false arrest, enforced disappearances and the torture of people in this country; it is bigger than that. Look, never again, encompasses a lot of things,” Darboe remarked in his native local Mandinka dialect.

“Never again, means politics should be based on truth; it is not for incompetent people. One should be able to do politics with competence; that is what the wollofs called “MANNE.” Politics should not be done based on deception. It is one of the reasons for Never again,” he added.

Mr. Darboe, who is the leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) also said his party will not watch by to allow any Gambian leader to self-perpetuate himself in power.

“Never again also prohibits self-perpetuation. That is what we fought against. No one can say that he will be ruling this country forever. No one can sub-judicate us again; no can enslave this country. That is why the TRRC calls it Never again,” he said.

“ Maimunca Ceesay you are in the forefront of that struggle; the fight against self perpetuation; the fight against corruption; the fight against corrupting institutions; the fight against spending influences. That’s is the goal we set ourselves. We cannot say that Yahya Jammeh’s political and economic ills were objectionable and turn around and said Ousainou Darboe’s ills are not objectionable. That is not right. If you can rebuke Jammeh, I expect you to do the same thing to Ousainou Darboe. You should be able to tell Darboe that what you are doing is wrong. That is what is right,” Darboe remarked.

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