Earlier on Tuesday, the rookie President Adama Barrow, was seen walking around the Independence Drive road in Banjul. He was accompanied by his Senegalese bodyguard. He was dressed in a shirt with blue and white colors. He had a $150 Nike Air black shoes on him. He strolls around the city. He was seen chatting with a female  petty trader along sidewalk of Independence Drive. Barrow has now become a crowd chaser. 

Adama Barrow’s popularity has dwindled in recent months. Gambians are increasingly turning their back at the rookie President. He is no longer pulling crowds as he used to do in the early days of his Presidency. This is evident on the recently celebrated Gambia’s 54 independence anniversary. Few people turned up at the McCarthy Square to grace the occasion.

Barrow’s relationship with the United Democratic Party (UDP)– the party that helped to propel him into the presidency, with the help of other political parties is at all time low. His own Vice President Ousainou Darboe often thrown shades at him during UDP political rallies.

Mr. Barrow’s street stroll, followed the explosion of two hand grenades at the Kairaba police station. Security was heightened around the station for the past couple of days, following the news of the explosion.

Barrow’s close protection guards are Senegalese. One of the female traders could be heard saying that: ” The Senegalese do not want us to take a picture with our President.”

Barrow then walked back towards the lady, and exchanged jokes with her. He later proceeded towards the State House.

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