Germans and GID have revealed that a big number of Gambian deportees will depart Frankfurt airport on Monday 25th February 2019. Gambians in Germany and Europe are being rounded up by the police for identification by Fatou Demba.

Gambian Back way boys are apparently very angry at Government, in particular GID. They blame GID for being at the front line of their expulsion from Europe. They have threatened to attack the DG and Immigration facilities within the Kombos.  DG of Immigration has started changing vehicles after work just to avoid attack from the desert boys. A back way returnee swore that they will put an end to what he called government madness. “If conditions force us to go to Europe during the Jammeh administration days and we were not forcefully returned why must we be returned by the Barrow administration” a very angry man remarked.

GID intimated that the DG will embark on tour this Monday.   The timing is ill-conceived according to some Senegalese security experts noting Senegal is holding presidential elections on Sunday and this could have some security implications to both countries. Senegalese will also be voting in many parts of Gambia on Sunday.  Immigration should be on top of the geopolitics of the subregion adding, borders must be closely monitored before, during and after the elections.   DG as a “rookie Director General suffering from national security shortsightedness”.

Inspector Mala Cham has been dismissed from Immigration amid threats from an army Captain and a police OC whose passport applications were never successful as the fees were diverted and used by her. Series of complaints to the command were made by the aggrieved persons but to no avail. The complainants threatened to take the matter to court since the command weren’t eager to take action. Cognizant of the implications therein the administration had no option but to make a decision on the matter. The support rendered to the inspector to abuse and squander people’s passport fees because she is an in-law to DG was an open secret to everyone here in Banjul. For this the command has to botched and fire her. The dismissed Mala Cham is indebted with close to one hundred and fifty thousand dalasis (D150,000) of people’s passport monies. Corruption is aided and abetted with impunity. Many like Mala Cham still happily duel in corrupt practices at GID.

As I piece this write up together, DG immigration does not seem to trust anyone, even his deputy is no longer trusted to an extent that DG takes passport application forms to his home after close of work. He said immigration officers including the command and the passport panel want to fail him. He could not understand how former General Bora Colley whose passport was cancelled and reported to Interpol agents early 2018, got a passport using a false name few months ago. However, DG himself should not be trusted since he has been implicated many times in the past for selling blank passports to Nigerians., DG is good at scapegoating people however, this time around it will not hold. His approval rating is increasingly plummeting by the day.

Seniority is a potential conflict at GID.  Senior officers argue over who is more senior at parade amid junior officers murmuring and bickering. Indiscipline is the order of the day. At a parade I witnessed the DG appealing to officers to complement their seniors the core command. Command and control are lacking, Officers complain of low service morale. A female officer complained to a senior official of the SIS that they are subject of abuse and harassment should they refuse a love relation with the command. A senior female Immigration officer was transferred from the Ministry by the command for no logical reasons. We are told she refused to entertain excesses from the top. Another lady transferred to a border village in the West Coast Region on similar emotional advances.

Immigration website was hacked last week, and some valuable information removed or distorted. Many blame head of Human Resources as an accomplice to the hacking.  They argued that since he is the system administrator nothing would go wrong without his expressed approval, a source closer to DG informed me. Trust is a precious commodity difficult to find in Immigration nowadays. Officers don’t trust each other so to speak. “If passports can be approved at home and not the office what do you expect”? a senior female immigration officer lamented.

From a concerned senior security within the Gambian security sector.

Editors note: The views expressed by the author are entirely that of his own views. Thanks for your attention.

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