NDERRY, as I promised the flight has landed at 16:30 pm. Waiting family members could be seen at airport some crying and insulting the Barrow government.  DG of GID is blamed for orchestrating the expulsion of the boys from Europe but he is trying to shift the blame on to the Interior Minister. Even those who refused to be identified as Gambians are forcefully brought back. Gambian back way boys must brace up for more deportations. The DG, Commissioner Fatou Demba and Inspector Adama sumbund in Germany, will not relent the fight against the gallant desert boys and girls. President Barrow’s political future is shattered should he allow Immigration to continue their immeasurable identification of Gambians. Ghana and Senegal do accept deportations but in a very carefully thought out manner. Deportations that could bring insecurity are never welcomed.

The desert boys and girls and their sympathizers are going to pour out in the streets of the Greater Banjul Area on the 7th of March. They wanted to do so earlier this month but needed some arrangements to be finalised and completed. When they strike, little Gambia will shake.

While all these are happening, the DG is busy in the upcoutry  promising everything that cannot be fulfilled. Promise everything and deliver nothing is a theory that works well but only for politicians. The I’D card is a nightmare here in the gambia  Good. Change the sentence – the empty head dg of Immigration to the Dg of Immigration and continue.
Where it is stated the Id card is a nightmare to – I’d card is a nightmare.

The DG knew about the deportations and decided to go on tour only to escape from confrontations and harassment by arriving deportees. The migration team of GID were at the receiving end  of a deluge of altercations and urgly parental insults at the airport this afternoon. For whatever reasons Fulas and Jolas are being denied ID cards. “We do not know why!” A  Ferocious Jola army officer told me. He complained that many from his region are refused id card even the daughter of a late chief of Foni Jarrol was denied. Many are still being refused. Abdoulie Kujabi former NIA DG is duly informed of this disturbing developments. Some Foni MPs are also informed.

Also a large Fula community in Brikama complained that they are treated like second class citizens when some of their sons and daughters are senior government officials. “What has appearance and colour got to do with citizenship”? A highly educated Fula man fumed. Immigration officers ought to know the constitution better. Citizenship is very sensitive and should not be treated lightly. I’D card is a potential source of conflict in the Gambia if the administration don’t step in to address it now. Former Honourable minister OJ Jallow, Baba Leigh and others, were many times approached for their interventions. Well is it a political vendetta or an apparent show of nationalism…..? time will tell.

From concerned Gambian senior security within the security sector

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