More Gambian immigrants have been lined up to be deported from Germany, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. German Immigration agents are working with their Gambian colleagues to track down Immigrants whose Immigration cases have been denied. Gambian Immigration agents had offices in Belgium, and Germany, where cases of deportees are being reviewed before they are sent home.

This follows, an agreement reached between The Gambian government and the Federal government of Germany, for Gambian back way boys and girls, who do not have legitimate case to stay in Germany to be repatriated home. The majority of those being deportees are asylum seekers. They have had their asylum cases denied.

Authorities in Germany said democracy has been restored in The Gambia, following the fall of dictator Jammeh, back in December 2016. Jammeh was defeated by Adama Barrow in the past elections.

The Gambian government has repeatedly denied signing any agreement for the German government to deport its citizens. But sources close to the administration said a sum of seventy five million Euros was allocated to the Trade Ministry by the European Union to help provide skill training for the deportee arrivals. Some of the deportees said they never benefited from the European Union funds.

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