Gambia: Letter Writer Questions Ensa AB Ceesay’s Gambian Citizenship


Care must be taken by the Barrow Government to stop none citizens who misconstrued our new-found democracy as equality for all before the constitution. They are not  to participate in our national debates. Democracy does not qualify aliens automatic citizenship. The 1997 constitution made it absolutely clear that for one to become a citizen, one of the parents must be born in the Gambia. Unfortunately, Ensa AB Ceesay does not fit well in any of these. His parents Ceesay, and Camara, hailed from Kanjaja in the province of Woi, in Guinea Bissau. Woi is a region in Bissau that borders Birasu in the Kolda region of Cassamance, Senegal. The parents left for the Gambia during the Bissau War of Independence in the 1960s and early 70s.  During this period there was no organised body like the Gambia Refugee commission to process their asylum cases, the family therefore integrated quickly into the Gambian society. They settled in my neighbourhood in  Bakau and some of his relatives with  similar circumstances settled in Faraba Banta.

While in Bakau little Ensa spent most of his childhood era on low life games ie  wrestling, fighting and climbing up trees. We could not understand his mental soundness. Little did we knew that young Ensa has started breathing the air of freedom that was not prevalent in Woi.

We must be weary of people who are not citizens to cause us problems and confusion in our country. AB Ceesay put out an audio while on a bantaba forum, insulting president Barrow, SIS DG and CDS Kinteh  calling and giving them all sorts of names. He is a close associate of Mark Janneh who called for the assassination of the president by Gambian security forces. The audio is viral and still in circulation. These people should be closely monitored and stopped by all means possible. AB Ceesay recently made an  audio accusing the president of registering none Gambians to acquire ID Card at State House. He blamed him for doing the same for President Macky Sall so that he could win Senegal presidential elections.

In the same audio the Immigration DG  is advised to stop mobile ID card issuance to institutions and funnily, the DG has agreed  not to avail such supportive gestures anymore. He sounded as if the DG takes advice from him on a regular basis. If this is true, the DG would be blamed for not being efficient and in charge  at immigration. The  immigration DG most be advise not to associate himself with folks with ill intent to cause harm to our president and bring untold suffering to the Gambian people. During the impasse we know of families that migrated to their native countries while we Gambians who have no relatives outside stayed. This should be enough lessons for citizens.

I invite AB to respond and will be happy to let all cats out of the bag.

From a concerned citizen from Bakau kachikally

The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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