Gambian migrants living in Germany and do not have legal papers to live work in that country, should brace up for another deportation. Gambian immigration agents are working with the German police to identify asylum seekers, whose asylum claims have been denied.

As reported earlier today by one concerned Gambian Security Chief, it is true more Gambian migrants will be deported later this month. Another flight of Gambian deportees is due to arrive in Banjul in March. More deportees will be part of that flight.

The Gambian government has denied reaching an agreement with the German government to facilitate the deportation of Gambian migrants in Germany.

It would be recalled that the European Union (EU) had suspended all financial funding to The Gambia, following dictator Jammeh’s appalling human rights record. One of the conditions for such funds to be tapped by The Gambia, was to accept its nationals living in Europe illegally and the United States. The US even imposed travel ban against Gambian government officials, following Jammeh’s refusal to accept Gambian deportees from the United States.

Reports have it that the ongoing deportations will soon be extended to Italy, where there is a large community of Gambian migrants living there without papers.

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