Police in The Gambia have taken into custody the watchman, who was hired to protect a mechanic shop in Brikama, where Edmon Thomas, the brother of the former junta spokesman Ex-Army Captain Ebou Jallow,  was murdered on Wednesday, FREEDOM NEWSPAPER CAN REVEAL. The watchman was arrested together with other suspect(s), sources have intimated to this medium. The suspects are currently helping the police in their investigations.

An autopsy report conducted on the body of the late Edmond Thomas revealed that he never died of natural causes. Broken neck, damaged eyes, blood oozing from his mouth and nose, were evident on Edmond’s body, when the watchman’s wife, found him lying underneath a car that he was servicing at the material time.

Over three thousand dalasis (D3,000) was found in Edmond Thomas’s pocket at the time of his murder. He also had one of his mobile phones on him, while his other mobile phone was found sitting in the car being charged.

His alleged killers left the scene without taking his mobile phones and cash. Police found money and phones at the scene of the murder.

“Edu was doing work at a workshop in a company belonging to Muhammad Bazzi, called GEC (Gambia Electrical….). He was found dead under a truck he was working on.  There were bruises on his hands and legs and blood oozing out of his mouth and nose.  He was perfectly healthy all day yesterday, but all indications appear to lead to a foul play,” Thomas’s brother Ebou Jallow told Freedom Newspaper on Thursday.

Muhammed Bazzi is a Lebanese businessman and a former close confidant of dictator Yahya Jammeh. Both Bazzi and Jammeh were last year indicted by the US Treasury Department for money laundering, corruption, and fueling international terrorism.

Jammeh and his family had been barred from entering the United States, while Bazzi had been designated as a Hezbollah financier.

Bazzi had in the past appeared before the Janneh Commission, where he explained his past financial dealings with Jammeh. Some of the companies associated with him had been frozen by The Gambian government.

The late Edmond Thomas was one of the managers hired at Bazzi’s mechanic shop. Sources said Thomas had been shuttling between Dakar, and Banjul in the recent past to buy equipment for the mechanic shop. His death is being treated by his family as a foul play.

Police Spokesman ASP Lamin Njie could not be reached for comment at press time.


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