Dear Mr. Mbai,

Thank you for giving us the forum to express our views on all those things touching on our lives. I admire your fairness to give platform to Sam Sarr with his factually inaccurate statements about the events following the military takeover.

All what Samsudeen Sarr is saying is ‘garbage’. Mr Sarr is in a mission to discredit the TRRC. Rather than showing concerns for the victims of Yaya Jammeh’s atrocities and take solace from the revelations of the horrendous, despicable and for them, Sarr is unrelenting in his silly utterances to defend the lies in his fictitious narratives of the events following the 1994 coup d’etat. We don’t have to look far to figure out Sam’s motive.

The victims deserved dignity and those courageous soldiers allowed to tell their stories to Gambians are seen as true soldiers of the land. But hiding behind the keyboard and using the platform of Freedom newspaper to castigate or discredit the work of the TRRC targeting those honorable people doing a fantastic job to unearth the truth and bring closure to the sufferings of multitude of victims’ families only to save the dictator.

The commissioners, the secretary, the investigators and all the team at the TRRC are true sons of the land. Sam Sarr you have failed again to discredit the work of the TRRC to save your criminal boss. Remember this was exactly what you were doing to Dr. Isatou Touray immediately she announced her candidacy for the presidency. You were assigned to discredit her with fabricated lies and innuendos trying tarnish the image of that wonderful woman. People should not listen to your fabricating lies but to treat all your utterances as garbage. Be man enough to tell your stories under oath at the TRRC. Remember God is watching.

These are my views and not of any platform.

Morro Gaye

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