Gov’t spokesperson discloses use of his online newspaper to aid asylum seekers in US Immigration system, others

By Sainey Darboe

Gambia government spokesperson, Ebrima G Sankareh, has disclosed that while editing his Gambia-Echo newspaper, he had signed over 300 affidavits to help people gain asylum in the US, Israel, Europe and other parts of the world .

Speaking during a panel discussion on Q-Tv, Sankareh disclosed that in the course of his accumulated domicile of “22 years in the US” his house was home away from home for Gambians seeking to regularize their immigration status.

“ Personally… for the past 22 years I have lived in America my home was home away from home for most Gambians. There were lawyers, former Yahya  Jammeh ministers,former Yahya Jammeh soldiers and permanent secretaries across the spectrum.I have signed over 300 affidavits supporting Gambians to be granted asylum. And of all the people I sought asylum for none was ever denied.None. Likewise in Europe, Israel;all over the world using The Gambia-Echo newspaper and my own creative ingenuity. I am not a lawyer but I understood  the immigration  system so well I was able to do that.

It will be hypocritical for me who just  last year was signing hundreds of affidavits for Gambians to be granted asylum to come and join this government and want them to be deported. That’s not me. That’s far from the truth.We Gambians and journalists,because English is not our mother tongue,we tend to call everybody a refugee”.

He added: “Not everybody who is being returned to this country is a refugee. I have seen people in America coming to me to file for asylum claiming to be Gambians when they couldn’t speak wollof, who couldn’t speak Mandinka, who could not speak Fula”.

Asked if he he helped those people making false applications, he retorted: “how can I help somebody who has a forged document?”.

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