Gambia: Is he still working or is about to be fired?


Is he still working or is about to be fired? Banjul is going to be an interesting place come next week. Some heads are going to roll, per the information reaching us.

Adou Boy has finally made up his mind. Folks, who are widely perceived as the “untouchables” in his administration, should better start looking for a new career. The Mangkamang-Kunda iron broom is about to strike as early as Monday. Watch the space.

It appears that the yellow camp are aware of what is about to happen to their Ayatollah. They were the ones first to spread the rumor about Darboe’s firing. It turns out that it was a counterintelligence mechanism to control the narrative before Adou Boy strikes.

Darboe himself is having the worse nightmare of his life. He is being bombarded with phone calls both locally and internationally about the news of his firing. He will soon find out his fate. It is over!

Unless the decision to fire him is rescinded, he is going to be sent packing together with a host of other cabinet officials. His firing could be as early as this weekend, or sometime early next week. Watch the space Gambia!

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