President Barrow recent violation of The Gambia’s constitution is another indication that he and his cronies must be stopped and accountable to the Gambian people before he will be a fully grown dictator. Mr  Barrow’s lack of leadership skills, ignorance of the constitution and rule of law is a threat to our New Democratic dispensation.His latest ill-conceived executive order to fire a sitting nominated member of the National Assembly should be a cause of concern for every citizen who genuinely fought hard to change the trajectory of our country. He is a president who continue to prove his critics right in every decision he made so far . Barrow is a clueless politician who lack integrity, conscience , intelligence and vision to lead The Gambia in a better direction. The country is returning to  a dictatorship. There is no difference between Mr Barrow and former President Jammeh as far as constitutional violation is concerned. Both Jammeh and Barrow share common characteristics such as sheer greed , unreliability, betrayal and absolutely love for power.  Mr Barrow’s love for power is driving him to continue making horrible decisions which are direct threat to our national security and New Democratic dispensation despite the fact that he was elected as a coalition independent president to unite the country and to advance our democratic ideals.

During the course of the past two years, President Barrow has demonstrated that he is only interested to consolidate power and pursue his political interest for self perpetuating rule. Mr Barrow has phenotypically express trait in his DNA which signifies the hallmark of a dictator. This is evidenced by his total disregard for the constitution of The Gambia and self glorification. President Barrow’s relentless executive order is also continuing to threaten the main purpose why he was elected; which is to uphold and defend the constitution of The Gambia.

Mr Barrow’s executive order to fire Mrs Kumba  Jaiteh should galvanize the entire National Assembly to legally hold him accountable. His impeachment process should begin earnest.

The constitution of The Gambia is clear about the executive power and duties of the president as well as the National Assembly members who are elected to hold executive branch of the government to account. The National Assembly members are law makers who has constitutional power and duty to remove the president if he/she fails in his /her functions as a result of mental incapacitation , abuse of office and other serious crimes against The Gambia . This is in section 67 (5) which explains the procedure of misconduct by the president.

The President has no constitutional power to fire any National Assembly member. President Barrow could only fire public officials who are in public service but he has no constitutional power to fire Mrs Kumba Jaiteh who is not a public officer by the dictate of 1997 constitution. Here is what the constitution states about public office :

Section 80:

“Subject to this Constitution and any Act of the National Assembly the President may constitute any public office for The Gambia and make appointments to such office and terminate such  appointment”.

The constitution also clearly states who is not in public service. Chapter XI. Section  166 of the constitution states:

(1) subject an Act of the National Assembly, the public service of The Gambia shall comprise the civil service as established immediately before this constitution comes into force and the offices declared elsewhere in this constitution to be offices in the public service.

(4) In this constitution, an office in the public service does not include:-

(a) the office of President, Vice President, Speaker or Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Secretary of State or a member of the National Assembly.

Mrs Jaiteh is not in public service. President Barrow’s latest violation is a testament of systematic entrenchment of dictatorial tendencies. His deliberate effort to violate the supreme law of the land is designed to follow the foot steps of former President Jammeh. The National Assembly must act now to prevent further constitutional violations. Failure to hold Mr Barrow accountable will be a betrayal of trust and confidence bestowed upon the legislative body to defend and uphold the constitution. President Barrow is a dictator in every shape or form. He must be stopped to save our republic from further destruction.

Thank you .

Written By Max Jarju

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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