The cold war between team Barrow and Ousainou Darboe’s UDP had been escalated to a new level. UDP has resorted to purging party surrogates, and officials suspected to have been loyal to Team Barrow. The UDP Serre-Kunda Divisional Chairman Ounda Nyang has been removed.  He has been replaced by one Falang Sonko. Six other UDP KMC Executive members were also removed.

Addressing a rally over the weekend, Ounda Nyang said he was removed from his post because of UDP’s own insecurity that he is a Barrow supporter. He accused the party of witch hunting.

Ounda’s removal followed, a petition signed by 35 UDP supporters, who demanded that he should be removed. The petition was copied to Ousainou Darboe, Mayor Talib Bensouda and the UDP MPS, he said.

Nyang said at first, he was bit skeptical about the decision that was conveyed to him by the party that he has been replaced by Falang Sonko. He says he doesn’t know the person who signed the letter. He branded his petitioners as UDP 2016 supporters.

Ounda Nyang is among the original founders of the United Democratic Party. He recalled both him and Ousainou Darboe being part of the People’s Progressive Party prior to the military coup back in 1994. He says he was invited to join the UDP by Darboe himself, following the formation of the party back in 1996. He recalled ridding his bicycle to Darboe’s home in Kanifing, where Darboe sought his support. He was told by Darboe that he (Darboe) he had been selected to lead the UDP and he wanted Ounda to throw his support behind him and the UDP.

Ounda says at the time he had wanted to quit politics since his party the PPP had been banned by the junta, but Darboe prevailed on him to support the UDP. He later agreed and joined the UDP.

Ounda says his removal from the UDP was largely because of his support for President Barrow. He vowed that he will continue to President Barrow.

Ounda Nyang has been allocated a new car by President Barrow. A new political bureau has been opened in the KMC by Barrow. He says the new bureau is going to serve as a National Bureau for team Barrow.

Contacted for comment, a UDP official said: “ What happened was, he was the UDP chairman for KMC but him and 6 other executives of KMC were pandering to Barrow undermining UDP.  So KMC decide to remove them from their positions. They are no longer executive members of KMC and now they are just ordinary members.”

“Barrow gave him a vehicle and the monthly monies that Barrow pays to certain individuals is coordinated by him and they collect the monies from his house,” the UDP official added.


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