The Administrators of this Page will continue to encourage Hon. Fatty to attend the landmark court proceedings without missing a date. Is it a crime to attend court proceedings?  Give us a break! Even without his authority, we will issue this notice in the greater good. Those who think freedom in a democracy means supporting only their political viewpoint are in for a rude awakening. Like him or hate him, no one will micro-manage our Party Leader. Today, like many more political leaders, he serves our country through the Presidency, and we are very proud of his record of National service. He is not going away from there because some of you wished he did, and whatever ensures, Hon. Fatty is strong; he is not an egg you can fry. Hon. Fatty is as intrepid as steel, Mashaa’Allah. Your reckless, excessively partisan motivated rants won’t shake him or us. Like he wrote days ago, no one can force Destiny or deny Destiny. God is the Master of Destiny. Take it or leave it, No one can change a person’s Destiny.

Some of you over-stretch the limits of a public servant. Yes, he’s a public servant, but not a public slave. He will serve according to his best, by his conscience, not your best or by your conscience. Got it?! He’s an Adviser, not Enforcer. Power and authority belong to the President.

The fact that most of the lousy noise emanates predominantly from one section of the political divide means you cannot satisfy that section. Either you subdue to their ways, or few of them make a living out of condemning you. Well, we have news for you: jump off the cliff! For some of their few clueless supporters, Hon. Fatty has now become their new nemesis, and we are ready for the challenge. You want gloves off, we can do that too. No one has monopoly over “jarintay-yaa”, but we won’t go your low. We will resist your invitation to duel in a pig’s sty. Do that alone.

As a free citizen, our Hon. Fatty is not hostage to any political Party. He is GMC and serves as Special Adviser to the President. He will not join you to fight your personal political battles against any individual in authority. Do your own petty squabbles and leave him out of your internal mishaps. If you cannot handle that, we can’t help you. Move on Fatty Hydara, let those who choose to talk, do their talking! And no! We have no apologies for any hyper sensitive individual! Enough is enough! Put your house in order, and leave us out of your domestic problems! (Issued by the Administrators of this Page)


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