As a citizen of Banjul, I deem it necessary to inform you of the funny overseas trips of Rohey Malick Lowe. Recently, she is in America with her Personal Assistant (P.A) since 2nd March 2019 and they are expected back next month. She attended a conference which ended last Friday 8th March 2019. She is expected to visit two other states in America before she returns in Banjul next month.

Rohey did a similar visit in November and spent 28 days abroad.

The Council is really struggling to even pay its staff salary. February salaries were paid last Thursday 7th March while the 50% increment on salaries is yet to be realized by the workers of Banjul City Council.

How much will it cost a low budget council like BCC to pay Rohey and her so called personal assistant?

A story was published on Freedom Newspaper last year saying that “the Mayor of Banjul will be traveling to Belgium with none staff of council.” The Mayor was brave enough to travel with them even after your medium has reported it. She went with her relatives and team Rohey Lowe. BCC has to provide fake employment letters for those she wants to travel with to be able to acquire visa at the Belgium embassy in Dakar. Alhagie Jah former independent candidate Mayoral elections 2018 was part of those who received fake employment letters from BCC.

Help the people of Banjul to stop this madness.

Written By A Concerned Citizen Of Banjul

Editors note: Mayoress Rohey Malick Lowe could not be reached for immediate comment. The views expressed by the author are entirely his own views. Thanks for your attention.

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