Rejoinder: My Take on Dr. Henry Carroll:

Alagi Yorro Jallow

Nothing disappointing like an incoherent legal mind with a misinformed argument on politics, law, governance and leadership. Henry Carroll, in these circumstances, I would rather be represented in court by a dentist. At least the dentist can show the judge my sick chit. The very essence of legal training is the making of coherent and well-reasoned arguments. But again, not all “learned friends” are learned.


The roofs shake at their imminent fall as the lawyer stands
Already to give a bounteous gurgle of learned nothings.
His hands pet the wig costume to confirm if
His brains are still smothered under, and
His shoulders sag a robed, heaving and revving for black
Esoterism from the bench.
The lawyer-barrister-advocate is ready:
Underwear and vest,
Shirt and trouser,
Coat and wig,
Robe and socks,
Shoes and kerchief,
Pen and watch,
Plagiarized voice and native charms,
756,281 paper pages and expectant wallet!
His tongue twists in Latin and spits Acts and Caps and Sections and Parts,
Quoting precedents and submitting humble bunkum
And balderdash in fits and flailing limbs to reddened Ladies
And Lords, and supposedly learned, supposed friends.
Who is it that killed a dumb Molo sheep and twisted the lawyer’s brains
Into unthiking show-off grandeur?
Shall we not save the uncreative lawyer from his Marabou Stork robe, help
Reduce his rising body heat and stem his frothing?
Underdress his form and point him to substance?
Oh, wily quickmouth! Buckets of saliva and phlegm
Wasted, herds of sheep bloody killed and skinned
To just but say, “The sun rose in the morn”.
Do you know how many clothes your robe would
Fashion for the naked gangs of kids on the streets?
And that costumes can’t lawyer the law?

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