Response to Almamy Taal, UDP Spokesperson

I write to give a personal respond to Almamy Taal, the UDP Spokesperson who attacked our GDC party, saying that we are nothing.

I want to ask Almamy Taal, when we were fighting to rescue Gambia from dictatorship, where was he?

Taal was behind the Jammeh administration seeking a job.

The GDC is a decent party with respectable individuals and this party has contributed immensely to downfall of Yahya Jammeh and which ended his 22 years of rule in this country.

Again, I ask Taal, where was he during the difficult days when Ousainou Darboe and Co  were going to court? Did he ever attend any UDP court ?

Unlike the UDP, GDC is a party of discipline and respectable individuals. We are pragmatic and we care for the welfare of all Gambians.

The UDP is a single-man party. It entirely belongs to Ousainou Darboe and that is why since 1996 to date no one contested against Ousainou Darboe for the leadership position as presidential candidate.

Your recent rift with President Adama Barrow tells it all. Besides, the UDP has never won any election in the country for 24 years. Even Parliamentary election and local government election, during Jammeh’s regime, sometimes you boycott the election. What type of party is that?

How many times did UDP lose election in the Gambia for 22 years. It is uncountable.

Even Parliamentary election they used to boycott it and whereas they contest, they used to lose all seats to the APRC except Kiang West, their former stronghold.

For the Local Government Election, the UDP used to lose all Wards except Bakau where Ousman Rambo Jatta used to win.

The UDP must put its house in order first before pointing fingers at others.

For Almamy Taal, everyone knows that he is an opportunist. He is just desperate to have a job, just like his boss, Ousainou Darboe is also desperate to become president.

When UDP needed Almamy Taal during their difficult days under Jammeh, where was he? He was hiding. For 22 years, nobody has ever seen Almamy Taal speaking at a UDP rally.

The UDP calls themselves a United party but that name should be changed because they are not united, and they are not democratic.

The UDP hijacked the Coalition Government and destroyed the 2016 Coalition. They occupy all important positions in the Barrow Government and yet they fail the nation as Barrow’s government is not progressing. All the mess in the country is caused by the UDP.

He only joined UDP openly in 2017 when Government had changed already and UDP formed the majority in this Government.

The GDC is only 2 years old and within this short period we have made a name for ourselves. We had 17% in the 2016 presidential election when the party was just formed. During the Local Government Election we had 21% and 25 Councillors. Equally we won a full region, CRR North and these all put together show that we have done very well and we are now the single biggest party.

The GDC is the reason for Jammeh’s defeat and therefore the freedom and democracy that UDP and Almamy Taal are enjoying today is created by the GDC.

Almamy Taal is a so-called intellectual who failed the nation. When things were though, Jammeh appointed him as a State Counsel and he accepted the job offer and today he is following UDP to get a job in the Coalition Government.

Taal claimed to be a lawyer but let him tell Gambians the people he has ever defended in court, and did he win any case?

None absolutely!

Almamy Taal doesn’t believe in himself, otherwise, he would have gone into private practice and defend injustices like his colleagues did during Jammeh era. He never won even a simple theft case, yet he calls himself a lawyer. Shame on him, he is a job seeker and an opportunist.

Gambians will not listen to him because he is an opportunist, and he is selfish.

MC Cham Jnr

National Youth President


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