His firing might spark an unrest in the country; hence that’s why President Adama Barrow is buying time to let him ago. Barrow and his Vice President Ousainou Darboe cannot see each other eye to an eye. The relationship is getting terrible. It is very strained at this hour. 

Darboe’s departure will lead to massive resignations and parliamentary chaos. His party forms the majority in Parliament.

Apparently, Darboe’s loyalists in Parliament are secretly meeting with the view of possibly instituting an impeachment proceedings against Barrow. The groundwork is being laid down.

Adama Barrow is treading on a dangerous territory. Darboe and the UDP had made up their mind as far as their continued partnership or relationship with Barrow is concerned. They do not think that the relationship is sustainable any longer.

There is documented evidence of Barrow tampering with the membership of his UDP party. He wants to takeover the UDP through tampering. UDP is fighting back.

UDP members and officials suspected of being affiliated with Barrow’s camp are being purged from the party.

Today Monday, Barrow is expected to decide on the fate of the UDP officials in his cabinet including VP Darboe. His advisers will prefer a State House without a “polarizing” figure like Darboe.

Again, Darboe’s departure will not happen without noise. His base will do everything within their means to render the fragile “coalition government” ungovernable.

As the situation appears, no much progress is being made in the new Gambia. There are misplaced political agendas all over the place.

The UDP team in Barrow’s cabinet are no longer team players. They are busy consolidating their party ahead of the 2021 elections. They do not share or believe in Barrow’s agenda. Publicly, they will try to fake it as if they are with Barrow, but privately what they say is a different thing altogether.

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