The Mayoress of Banjul Rohey Malick Lowe, who recently met Ivanka Trump, was jailed in Germany back in 80’s on drug related issues. While serving time in Germany, she had accused a German prison warden of having an affair with her. The matter was investigated, and the accused officer was charged.

As evident on this German Newspaper publication, Ms. Lowe had accused some German prison officers of sexual abuse. The matter was a subject of legal litigation. She claimed that she was sexually abused while in jail by a German prison warden.

Rohey Malick Lowe later relocated to Sweden, where she stayed until her home return to The Gambia some years ago. She ran on a UDP ticket in the past Mayoral election and won.

Ms. Lowe has been accused of abdication of duties. Banjul City Council staffers said their Mayoress of recent had been travelling around the work in pursuance of per diem allowances. Salaries were delayed at the BCC this past month due to budgetary problems.

Ms. Lowe was living on welfare while residing in Sweden. She is now the Mayoress of Banjul.


She has been shuttling between Banjul and the United States in recent months. She spends weeks in the US chasing conferences, meeting diaspora supporters, and family members. Upon her return to Banjul, the Banjul Mayoress will claim per diem allowances for the number of nights she had been away from the country. Her endless travels had reached an alarming proportion. She is making millions from such travels. She will in turn use such travel per diem or impresses to pretend as a good philanthropist.

Not long ago, Rohey Malick Lowe, the newly elected Banjul Mayor donated D10 million dalasi to the women of Banjul. She said the donation was part of her campaign promises to the women of Banjul. This is a Mayoress, whose monthly salary is less than D40,000 dalasis. She earns less half a million dalasis (D500,000) per year. This means it is going to take her ten years to be able to donate D10 million dalasis to the women of Banjul.

” The fund is designed for Rohey Malick Lowe Women’s and Girl’s Empowerment Initiative in cooperation with Guarantee Trust Bank. The money targets 25 groups of women and girls in Banjul who will use the funds as a loan for three months before they will pay back. The initiative is an evolvement process whereby the beneficiaries would also give chance to their fellow women in Banjul to better their lives,” the Point Newspaper reported.

Now the million question is: Where does Rhoey Lowe secured the D10 million dalasis she recently donated to the women of Banjul?

Salaries were delayed at the BCC this past month due to lack of funds. Staff were paid on the 7th of March, while Mayoress Lowe is spending quality time in the United States. She brags about meeting Ivanka Trump. She even posted pictures she had with Ms. Trump on social media.

It is a known fact that she was a businesswoman prior to ascending to the Mayor’s office. She wasn’t a successful businesswoman per say. She was like any other petty trader in Banjul.

The media should start investigating the Banjul philanthropist Mayoress. Her activities in the United States should be looked into.

For those who doesn’t know Rohey Lowe, she was onetime jailed in Germany on alleged drug related issues. She made the news in Germany, when she accused a German prison warden of having an affair with her while she was under prison custody.

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