Saihou  Saidily

Facebook Posting

20 June 2016. 8·34 pm

I agree with you wholeheartedly Pa Nderry MBai. Darboe like many other citizens has contributed meaningfully to the national development of The Gambia but to be frank he lacks the charisma to lead. UDP stalwarts can have a spite at me if they want but am entitled to my views as a bonafide citizen of The Republic  of  The Gambia.

To have the ability to lead one must have the  ability to inspire people when one speaks. I respect the decision of UDP party to choose him as their leader provided their congress goes through democratic process to elect him but it’s my right to give my views on his style of leadership within purview of democracy. He doesn’t resonate to me on policy issues on how effectively he  could   tackle countless problems, economic, socially and politically our nation finds itself in today. I will say this with no iota of hesitation. Surely we can surely do much better than this.

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