Online Newspaper website owners who published stories critical of the United Democratic Party (UDP) are often subjected to malicious cyber-attacks, this medium has found. The attack is in the form of flooding malicious (bad) traffic to a given server or database. Please take note of this development media owners.

At this time, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that those behind the malicious attacks had any ties to the UDP. The Freedom Newspaper had been grappling with the malicious attacks for days.

The Standard Newspaper seems to be hit this morning by the same misguided online attackers. The paper’s database is offline. This followed, Dodou Sano’s claims that Barrow had been betrayed by those he rescued from jail.

Similar tactics were employed during the political impasse. The State House website was hacked. The same hackers are active online. It appears that they owe an allegiance to a given political party.

Putting in place defensive firewall will to some degree help to stop the bad traffic coming from the attackers. Please screen folks you entrust to manage your websites. Take note folks.

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