Couple of people have confirmed being contacted and offered Ministerial jobs in Barrow administration, this medium can reveal. They were asked as to whether they were interested in serving in Barrow’s cabinet. The persons concerned had informed the State House about their willingness to serve their nation if availed with the opportunity.

It is not clear as to when Barrow is going to make a cabinet reshuffle, but sources have it that an ongoing possible replacement for some of the UDP officials in Barrow’s government are underway. Folks familiar with the story said key changes are expected to be made in coming days or weeks.

Vice President Ousainou Darboe is among the officials lined up to be replaced, sources intimated. Darboe is not going to survive the upcoming cabinet reshuffle, one official told me.

Three candidates have been shortlisted for Darboe’s replacement: Mai Ahmed Fatty, the former Interior Minister and now Presidential Adviser, Tourism Minister Hamat Bah, and the newly appointed Women’s Affairs Minister Ms. Kinteh.

Mai Fatty even recently deputized President Barrow at the induction training for Gambia’s security officers—as part of the much talked about security reform agenda. VP Darboe was completely sidelined.

Under normal circumstances, Darboe being the Chairperson of the National Security Council, and also the Vice President, was supposed to officiate the event, but his role was outsourced to the Presidential Adviser Mai Fatty.

Meanwhile, anxiety and worry continue to grip Barrow’s cabinet. Some of the Ministers had started to appease the Head of State by constantly singing his praises in public forums.

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