Gambia: ECOMIG will stay in the Gambia as long as the current leadership of Gambia armed forces remains the same


ECOMIG will stay in the Gambia as long as the current leadership of Gambia armed forces remains the same.

It’s rather unfortunate that the since the coming into power of president Barrow the Gambia armed forces is still looking like it’s yesterday or in fact worse. In any institution, leaders are the game changers and the army is no exception. How and when the government wants to do its security sector reform one thing that’s of certain is the current leadership of GAF is not the real game changer of that institution. Leadership especially in military requires sacrifices and discomforting tough decisions which is far from  self enrichment and living at the expense of your subordinates.

Well I am not a security officer but none can doubt my security awareness as well. As part of his own way of restructuring the army the CDS of GAF Lt Gen Masanneh Kinteh announced that henceforth officers who are to be promoted to the next rank will undergo through a promotional exams which was a big step and bravo for that, but how is this exams going to be conducted and how credible is this exams going to be?

In the army, there’s what’s called terms and conditions of service (Tacos) which clearly spelt everything as far as those things are concerned, for example a quarter master commission shouldn’t pass the rank of a major except whereas his commission is changed under a very credible process and they shouldn’t hold any command appointment. Is it not funny that the book that’s guiding your daily operations is been ignored just to satisfy people you want in certain positions?

Looking at the various command positions of the GAF ranging from their battalions to staff offices,90℅ of them are all held by officers who were made from “nothing to something”. Is it not funny that almost every officer in GAF is put as regular officer on the nominal roll even when they don’t even know what officer ship is all about but due to the bad system we had in the past they were lucky to be one.

One of the factors responsible for indiscipline in Gambia army is the type of its leadership that’s most officers commanding men don’t know their left and right. Of course I centered my points on officer-ship because these are the leaders who can be game changers. A clear indication was the testimony of the retired captain Kambi at the TRRC where he said he knew soldiers who were sergeant majors before and today are most senior officers. It’s only GAF that you will see such. It’s about time the political leadership take the issue of security with seriousness especially the army that’s considered as the backbone of the country’s security and set the records straight.

From a concerned citizen…

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