Gambia: Political Insubordination


Political Insubordination

The fight between Barrow and Darboe/UDP has now kicked into high gear, and It’s no longer a fist fight, but a full fledge World War III. I don’t have to remind anyone how cozy Barrow and UDP were, and how UDP members benefited from appointment favors in several sectors. As a result of that craziness, the term “Barrow is our Barrow” and the name “Moses” were coined and thrown around at every chance by the UDP militants, with much pronounced arrogance nak!

Well, that coziness has now come to pass after heavy winds hit the high seas and shattered the Barrow/UDP Titanic ship,  and it’s manifesting itself in the ugliest of ways. But the most unfortunate part of it is that it’s to the detriment of the country, given our desperate predicament. We now virtually have another impasse with both Barrow and Darboe making unpleasant public statements aimed at each other. With such funny dynamics, I wonder how Barrow (president) and Darboe (VP) are able to work together in such a hostile work environment?

By virtue of benefiting from several key appointments, UDP members hold critical positions in Adama Barrow’s administration, including the position of vice president, held by Ousainou Darboe (UDP’s leader) and the very person having the public fights with his boss, Adama Barrow. Due to the escalation of the situation, Barrow is now purging people in his administration he suspects are loyal to Darboe/UDP and UDP is also purging people in the party suspected of being loyal to Barrow/BYM. Their respective camps, BYM and UDP, are also knee deep in a daily slugfest fight. My question now is, how many people is Adama Barrow going to purge for suspicion of being loyal to Darboe/UDP when his government is saturated with Darboe loyalists/UDP members?

In any normal setting, a certain level of fighting with your boss is considered “insubordination” and is generally recognized as a cause for dismissal. With what we see transpiring between Barrow and Darbor, something has to give for the benefit of the country. The situation has grown dangerously toxic and the country is paying a heavy price. What was supposed to be “political construction”, is now rapidly turning into “political destruction”.  Having Barrow as president and Darboe as VP at this juncture, Gambia is indeed in a very funny and sad situation. The power struggle is real and may turn disastrous for the country.

By Momodou Ndow

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