President Barrow’s legal team has won the first round of legal arguments over the stay of execution request filed by Ya Kumba Jaiteh’s legal team before the Supreme Court. Jaiteh’s request for Foday Gassama’s nomination as a Member of the National Assembly to be stayed, until the final determination of her lawsuit, has been thrown away by the court. She had earlier asked the court to issue a declaration for Gassama’s swearing in to be delayed pending the determination of the lawsuit against Barrow and the State.

The Supreme Court today has ruled against Ya Kumba Jaiteh’s legal team to restraint an MP, who was recently nominated by President Barrow to assume duties next week Monday, amid the revocation of her nomination by the Head of State.  The court has dismissed the plaintiffs for Foday Gassama’s nomination to be stayed, pending the determination of lawsuit filed against the President and The Gambian state.

The Supremes’ court ruling is a major setback for Kumba Jaiteh’s legal team. The UDP supporters could be seen walking of the courthouse premises in total rage and utter disappointment.

Gambian activist Pa Samba Jow reaction to the ruling was: “The final arbiter of all constitutional questions, the Supreme Court, has spoken. In as much as I am disappointed with the court’s ruling, I respect their decision. This is a great moment for all of us to work towards building a more perfect democracy.”

Lawyer Lamin Mboge is the lead counsel for the defense team representing President Barrow and The Gambian state.

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