Dear Pa,

I must urge you to continue the brilliant job. You are the first newspaper to crack this story months before it happened. This true journalism- going beyond the news and getting those vital information that are important to the public but are always hidden from us.
Having said that, with regards to the firing of Darboe and his UDP cohorts Mr. Adama Barrow must seize this opportunity to shed more light on the reasons behind the firings of Darboe, Dibba and Sanneh, all UDP executives serving the government of Barrow with their hidden agenda.
Gambians want to know what are the things  inside their agenda including the known sabotage, the endless conspiracies to agitate the citizenry to rebel against his government. Not only that, but the despicable  lack of respect to the office of the president that both Darbo and Amadou Sanneh  had been known for especially in the presence of cabinet colleagues.
I admire the patience of Barrow. He had to put up with the bickering, pettiness and excessively garrulous attacks on him at most UDP rallies. He had shown true statesmanship and his leadership qualities is unquestionable.
My message to President Barrow is to immediately face the nation and give account of the reasons behind the sacking of Darboe and his cohorts.  Even the Ya Kumba Jaiteh’s case need explanations now that the Supreme Court has made it verdict  known.  How shameful it is for someone who was gratuitous nominated to serve the nation, spent most of her time in the House working against the interest of Barrow’s government.
Mr. Adama Barrow should do us a great favor if he can address the nation on all these issues. It will be of immense importance to dispel all the rumors and fake news.
Written By Morro Gaye
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