Strategically, parting relationship with President Barrow is disadvantageous for UDP


President Barrow was referred to as “Our Barrow” by UDP surrogates when the changed was effected in the beginning without the reflection that the change came into being as a result of diverse political players converging together for the formulation of a single political corporation called coalition 2016. Coalition 2016 was an organized political corporation with their well crafted political strategy on their route to the political terrain supported by powerful communication message and lingo (One Gambia, One people) and the sole finger pointing up was adopted as a logo to reinforce and remind the people about the oneness and unity of all political parties aiming for change for better Gambia.It was stated by the UDP leadership that President was going for five years as mandated by the constitution and what we’ve seen today is the same people calling for three years as per the coalition agreement. I would like to opined that “Barrow is our Barrow for national development, Lets support “our Barrow for the completion of the five years as mandated by the constitution.

Current political situations:

  • All indicators were reflecting that the hearts and minds of the UDP members weren’t so desirable to the success of Barrow government as a result few who were chosen from UDP to served in Barrow government weren’t serving with love for what they do.That was the reason why Ousainou Darboe as vice President was seen leaping into political rallies to position himself to the Gambians by reinforcing and reminding them that he is still interested keenly in becoming the President of the Gambia.
  • If not all but most of the UDP members who were offered with window of opportunities in the Barrow government weren’t focusing on the objective for national development but engaging into partisan politicking to sell their partisan interest when President Barrow has been reminding the whole nation that its time to transform the (NDP) National development plan of the Gambia into reality.This is very true because its one thing to devise a strategic national development plan but its another thing to implement it successfully, most of the time its a mere document collecting dust in offices. My support for the president started when i heard him saying that even primary school going children knows about the national development plan(NDP).Development of a plan should always be followed by an effective communication so that those people who are responsible for the implementation of the plan can comprehend what is expected from them and when are they going to be evaluated for the tasks given to them as per the purpose for their appointment into public offices.
  • President Barrow has realized that his objective and plans weren’t supported by UDP surrogates this is because the UDP underestimated Barrow as a President and overestimated themselves with the perception that they are more suitable to manage the affair of the country.
  • The UDP political party has parted with many of their surrogates on the allegation that those surrogates weren’t real UDP supporters
  • All those UDP surrogates that divorced UDP are with Barrow or in support of Barrow national development
  • The leadership of APRC, Fabakary Tombong Jatta in his recent interview with Gambia Talents has admonished the President to fire Ousainou Darboe for undermining his government.
  • According to GDC, they preferred Barrow as president than that of Ousianou Darboe
  • New entrant to the political terrain has been seen with the introduction of GAP and MR statistic and management(Musa Bachilly).
  • There exist NRP, PDOIS, UDP,Henry Gomez moo beh baloou party,GDC,PPP has revived its party, all these parties are in existence in the political arena.

Where are we heading to?

  • If all above points are the actual political situation in the Gambia and the Gambians are yearning for a new Constitution which will entail electoral reform and this will include 50% of the total votes for a political party to emerge victorious over others.
  • Any political party that would emerge victorious in the 2021 election,would seek the support of other parties or form coalition government, with consideration to statistic of the last presidential election.(Adam Barrow for Coalition 2016, 43.3%, Yaya Jammeh APRC, 39.6%, Mama Kandeh GDC 17.1%, totaling 100 percent)
  • This convince me without double thought that UDP as a political would require the support of other political parties considering myriads of political parties emerging in the country and President Barrow as an incumbent will have great impact on the coming Presidential election. Myriads of folks including my self are developing admiration for President Barrow and those switching from the UDP will severely impact the votes of UDP. President Barrow can be supported by other political parties or he can support other political parties to emerge victorious over UDP, simply because of the recent shoddy behaviour exhibited by UDP leadership to undermined the performance of the Barrow government.

My strategic proposition to President Barrow:

  • Go ahead for the establishment of your own political party right now the early the better
  • Build good network and relationship with other political parties
  • Focus on canvassing for the support of disloyal UDP supporters
  • Focus on attracting the support of Gambian both within and outside
  • Target youths by offering them opportunities in your government

What time is it? Its time to work hard for the realization of the national development plan, its not time for political rallies. Its time for total unification as it was during the 2016 elections, its time to transform the Gambia so that we can compete with other countries like Rwanda, Kenya and even Senegal.

By Abdoulie Sohna; ([email protected])

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