There is an expression in the local Mandinka dialect called “ YERRIBA BOYETA, KUNOLU JANG JANG TAA—meaning in English “ the big tree has fallen and the birds have scattered. Friday is a historic day in the annals of Gambian politics. The firing of Vice President Ousainou Darboe and the UDP Ministers in cabinet is a paradigm shift in our body politics. The UDP party which used to prides itself as forming the majority in the Barrow’s led transitional government will now become an opposition the very establishment that they supported before. Interesting days ahead for The Gambia.

Later on, we will bring you the reactions of Ousainou Darboe and Amadou Sanneh. Stay tuned.

Darboe jokingly said: I have been dropped off the bus by the conductor. I am sure Lamin Dibba and Amadou Sanneh too have been dropped off by the conductor.

Amadou Sanneh: Barrow has betrayed us. He has betrayed himself. He is working with Jammeh’s people; the people who violated us yesterday. He has no intention of stepping down. He wants to rule for another ten years.

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