Citizens vs Government:

Truth Be Told A responsible government always try to engage its citizens with utmost respect and honesty but why is the government hiding the truth about the deportation?

At the initial stage, the government denied signing an MOU for the deportation and further went on to say that they’re not even aware about deportation but after a protest, they informed the Gambian people about reaching an agreement with the German government to temporarily hold the deportation which turned out to be a cooked story.

Now that bus is dropping off some passengers, we hope to hear the truth from either the bus driver or the passengers been dropped about the whole issue of the deportation.

I’m pretty sure that if the bus driver is faulty, the dropped passengers will start talking in no time because they’re really angry with the driver but if they’re wrong, will the driver be brave enough to tell us the truth? We demand the truth and nothing but the truth. We won’t relent until the truth is told. #No_To_Deportation Slowly But Surely!

By: Dawda Nenegalleh Jallow

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