Barely twenty-four hours after President Adama Barrow has dismissed Vice President Ousainou Darboe and two UDP cabinet Ministers, Mai Ahed Fatty, the leader of The Gambia Moral Congress Party (GMC) has rallied his full support for President Barrow’s National Development blueprint plan agenda. Addressing his supporters, Fatty said the GMC is not the type of a party that will spit and eats its own spit—stressing that they still standby their promise of supporting President Barrow’s NDP. The NDP, he says, is bigger than Mai Fatty, GMC, President Barrow combined. He says the NDP is a national agenda, which requires the participation of any patriotic citizen.

Mr. Fatty is a senior adviser to President Barrow. He is also a lawyer by profession.

“We are not the type, who will walkaway from our promise. We standby our statement. We will continue to support President Barrow’s NDP for The Gambia. We do not say one thing today and renounce it the next day; that is not the GMC. We are not a mischievous party. We are consistent party,” Fatty remarked in the local Mandinka dialect.

Supporting Barrow’s NDP doesn’t in anyway means we have abandoned our party. Our party is alive and kicking. Nothing has changed. We have not handed our party to anyone. GMC is stronger and more vibrant today than ever before,” he added.

Fatty also said the GMC is not a party that will blindly criticize or hate on people or government. He says the party will give credit where it is due and criticize constructively when needed.

“One shouldn’t be hateful to a point that you do not want to say anything good about people, or your opponents. If someone does something good, he or she should be commended. It should be acknowledged. One shouldn’t devote all his or her time on politics of hate, and jealously. One shouldn’t devote all his politics on hate. An opposition should be constructive and objective. If the government does something good, if you are a true Muslim, and you stand for the truth, you should acknowledge it,” he said.

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