Gambia – The Failed State

In as much as many may not want to believed that the current Gambia is on a transition of being a failed state, is the fact that I would to portrait in this piece of writing, and perhaps bring the attention of the President and stakeholder to take a total u turn on how to run the country. The failure of the state is as result of the inexperience President, the civil servants and people that claimed to be very educated e.g. lawyer and law makers, largely the citizens themselves

A collapsed state is the extreme version of a failed state. it exhibits no authority; it transforms into a mere geographical expression. For example, when Somalia failed in the 1980s, it collapsed. Bosnia, Lebanon and Afghanistan collapsed a decade ago and Nigeria and Sierra Leone in 1990s. In all these cases the warlords too over to control the regions and built there on market systems, security mechanisms and trading arrangements. The Gambia was to these extend when Jammeh was in power, now Barrow came in and the decisions is left in the hand of few who are not even I government but patrons and movements

Today, President Barrow and his entire cabinet are failing to provide security and public order, legitimate representation, and wealth or welfare services to their citizens. However, full-blown cases of state collapse, which involve the extreme disintegration of public authority and the metamorphosis of societies into a battlefield of all against all, remain relatively rare.

The worst case of political disintegration collapses of the coalition agreement which usher us to the current crisis, also the establishment of the Barrow Youth Movement which is current is the driving force of the government and all it initiatives. While a failed state can still have an official government, but still unable to make judgment and initiatives

There are Several features that are crucial to this failure of the Gambia’s news democracy, and this will be occurring when the state apparatus, is unable to uphold an effective monopoly of violence over its whole territory; lacks an effective judicial system and the rule of law; is unable or unwilling to fulfill international obligations, such as debt repayment; and cannot prevent various forms of transnational crime or the use of its territory for the perpetration of violence against other states in the international system, and the lack of control within territories of the Gambia i.e. land cases.

There are several factors that I would like to bring to the attention of the government to the reader here. The Failed States Index 2007 applies twelve indicators of state vulnerability covering social, economic, and political factors that may trigger state failure: demographic pressures, massive movement of refugees and internally displaced peoples, a legacy of grievances among vengeance-seeking groups, chronic and sustained human flight, uneven economic development along group lines, sharp or severe economic decline, criminalization or delegitimization of the state, progressive deterioration of public services, widespread violation of human rights, the security apparatus functioning as a state within a state, the rise of factionalized elites, and the intervention of other states or external factors. The Index ranks states based on the total scores for these indicators on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being the lowest intensity (most stable) and 10 being the highest intensity (least stable).The objective of ranking the indicators is to measure a state’s vulnerability to collapse or conflict, not to forecast when the state may experience violence or collapse.

From the above paragraphs, welfare and security is mentioned as one of the main features of a failed state, so far the disintegrated coalition government has given a deaf ear to the land cry and wellbeing of the people, civil servants and minister care less, government is coming with lies upon lies to cover their recklessness and lack of proper structures to govern.

Our attention has been diverted to the recent and latest case of a sacked nominated MP and sacking of the VP forgetting the deportation of youths, the lands crises between one tribe and a family, jobs security and healthcare system. This is another view based on the above points is that failed government is a construction of those with a political agenda of those who wish to de-legitimise states that do not or fail to conform to the dominant government.

In conclusion, and to proof  my point of Gambia becoming a failed state , is that the signs are there one of which include a central government so weak or ineffective that it has little practical control over much of its territory; non-provision of public services; widespread corruption and criminality, involuntary movement of populations; and sharp economic decline.

I can also and again and will saying President and his cabinet and government lack the pedigree to run the country, the latest cabinet change was nothing a political witch-hunt to further consolidate power. Your pick for VP has been a chance as Minister of trade and Health her performance was -0 a total failure and disgrace to address Gambians as VP.

Mr President I advise you again, and for the last time invite young Gambian with the ‘no how’ of governance especially the diaspora otherwise no will show you the exit door but yourself

Pa O Cham

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