Dear Pa,

For the past 10 yrs. hardly does a day go by without listening to Freedom Newspaper and the same goes to reading. I would like to commend you for your untiring service you are rendering to all around the world especially “Senegambia”. You have been consistent and always stood for what you believe in. May Allah continue to guide and protect you and your family and bless Freedom Newspaper radio.

Mbai mbasu (as those elders in Gambia call you), I would be very grateful if my piece could be published. If it does, I will remember it as my second time. The first one was with Gainako online newspaper (Not sure if it’s ok to mention). concerning a respond in defense of my cousin. My points to Mustapha would be the second one.

Any intelligent minded person who reads Mustapha’s piece or is familiar with the story will automatically come to a conclusion on his motives. It is unfair to link every scenario to our new-found democracy. Instead our new-found democracy has turned many people into mouthpieces for others for reasons best known to them. Mr. Badjan (in Germany) has been on the radio already and hence he is my elder I don’t speak after my elders have already done. All I can add to that is anyone who knows Kinneh could tell what she is capable of saying to a toddler much more an institute head and how she would have handled this matter had she not grounds to.

Hence the matter is in court already I won’t say much but what I would like to know from Mustapha is what is his interest on this issue like the way he questioned lawyer Jaiteh’s interest(I don’t know lawyer Jaiteh and can’t even identify him). It is obvious Mustapha is member of Marina school from his confession alone that he heard Kinneh threatening the principle by saying “You are a foreigner etc. etc.).

As the mouthpiece for Arthur you mentioned that the parents were given 2 weeks to appeal contrary to the 5 days appeal given which for your info had to do with the suspension. This alone warrants me to question your integrity. The documents are there to ascertain that in case you not aware! The appeal process never took place as the expulsion letter followed before anything happened. I’m sorry Mustapha I won’t do justice to my children if I let someone like you teach them because they would have mastered the art of fabrication before they know it. Regardless of what favors you are after please always teach the children the TRUTH.

Again, one could easily tell that you have an agenda if not why bringing Fatou, Mahmoud and Sheriff into the equation? The issue in question is the 13-yr. child. Be focus and consistent as you cannot mislead the esteem listeners/readers of freedom newspaper radio.

As I earlier mentioned that won’t be digging deep. It seems you are calling on all concern to come show solidarity with Arthur which is great and know that even if the entire nation comes which is far greater in number than Marina, the truth will always prevail-Inshallah

In Allah We trust.

Written By Kebba Sillah

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