Gambian army Warrant Officer Class 2,  Lamin Colley, says it was not his intention for him to kill his former colleague Sergeant Fafa Nyang. Nyang was killed on November 11th, 1994 after been accused of coup plot. The bullet that killed Fafa Nyang came from Mr. Colley’s gun, the TRRC was told. Colley is an army medic.

Giving evidence before the TRRC on Wednesday, Colley said, he was trying to save the life of Fafa Nyang, when his gun mistakenly open fire. Nyang was already shot by soldiers, who were in a hot chase pursuit for him in the barracks at Yundum.

Lamin Colley adduced in evidence that his AK 47 was already in a semiautomatic mood, when he purported to have attempted to save the life of Fafa Nyang. He says it was during the process of him running towards Nyang, that was when his gun went off and killed Nyang.

Commissioner Kinteh of the TRRC refused to buy his testimony. He told the witness that it makes no sense for him (Colley) to attempt to save the life of Nyang, when he Colley had received a prior information from the former junta Council Members about an imminent crackdown to be launched against soldiers suspected of plotting to overthrow the junta.

Colley had earlier testified that he had witnessed a meeting that was held at the Yundum barrakcs on November 10th, 2019, where Sanna Bairo Sabally, Edward Singhateh, Sadibu Hydara, former junta council members and others were in attendance. He testified that they were informed by the trio in that meeting that any attempt to topple the junta would be mercilessly crushed. The meeting was held a day before the execution of Fafa Nyang and dozen other senior army officers.

Commissioner Kinteh told witness Colley that it was detrimental for him to attempt to save the life of Fafa Nyang—given the fact that he (Colley) knew that Nyang was going to be killed by his attackers. Kinteh also notes that what transpired at the Yundum barracks on the day in question, was not a war situation to warrant Colley to provide medical aid to his colleague.

Colley maintains that he was merely doing his job as an army medic. He also testified that Fafa Nyang was a good colleague of him—adding that Nyang had helped him greatly during his recruitment into the army.


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