Gambia: Annual Conference And Banquet 2019 Fundraiser For Raleigh Islamic Institute


Assalamu alaikum All,

Community Announcement

As we (RII) prepare our annual conference and Banquet 2019 Fundraiser, Saturday, March 30th, 2019, @6pm @ Green Rd community center,  The entire board, Staff, Management, Students, parents and the community of Raleigh Islamic Institute solicits for your usual support as the institution strives to engrave an eternally living legacy of our  Islamic values for the current and future generations.

This year’s Banquet is of an immense importance in the historical, operational and structural settings of the institution as a whole for it’s existential perpetuity.

We are poised, determined and optimistic of the founding aim/goals of the institution, which could be attained as a result of your support. Alhamdullilah, The institution has been in operation for 10 years because of your support!

Thus, We solicits for your continual support now more than ever.

*Please reserved the date, March 30th on your calender and schedules to attend. Please Come support the youths, legacy and future!*

$20 Ticket for Food catering ONLY has being collected, please reached out to staff!

May Allah reward and accept from y’all.

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