At a time when hopes are raised and expectations high about the future of Gambia Armed Forces, as part of his own so-called reforms and standardization of the country’s backbone of defense (army) the Chief Of Defense Staff Gambia Armed Forces Lt General Masaneh Kinteh Conducted a promotional exams for officers who are due to their next rank with the deputy chief of defense staff Major General Yakuba Drammeh as chairman of the board.

To the chagrin and surprise of the lot within and outside the army the much anticipated results that was expected to put records straight by putting an end to unnecessary and saturated ranks within the army turned to be the complete opposite. Looking at the composition of officers who sat to the exam in order to be promoted to next rank there was no way on earth that the results will be that overwhelming whereby 99.9℅ of officers will all get promoted to their next rank.

The ultimate aim of getting rid of the old system by doing mass promotion was to put a stop to old Jammeh style of doing things the way it pleases him in the army. Some of those officers by standards can’t teach or command kindergartens moreover command men and junior officers within ranks but to the new Masanneh’s new style of doing things that’s the trend taken now.

It raised questions as to what the army command is up to in his dealings with issues concerning the army, is it a sabotage, willful neglect of ones duty or indirect way of instigating personnel against each other or against the political leadership? It should be known that the young, sharp and patriotic officers within the system are not in anyway satisfied and please with the way their bosses are running the institution as to avoid what the country is trying to recover from, the political leadership must look into issues of how the CDS is running the army especially at the time when the famous vice president to whom it was believed had appointed him to the post is no longer in the office.

Whatever the reasons are, the CDS and his deputy must know that history will judge and haunt them down for the Gambia is bigger than an individual and this country will never be put at ransom again…

The Gambia I Stand For!!!!


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