GAMBIA: Sabally Exhorts College Students on Mindset and Attitudinal Change Towards Nation Building 


Sabally Exhorts College Students on Mindset and Attitudinal Change Towards Nation Building

Former Presidential Affairs Minister and International Speaker Momodou Sabally has called on Gambian youths to cultivate positive mindset and the right work ethics to foster national progress. He made these remarks at the Gambia College, School of Public Health where he was invited for a keynote speech during their Commencement Ceremony, March 23, 2019 in Brikama.

Introducing his thesis with a Mandinka folktale that teaches the inevitability of consequences for actions and attitude, he told the assembly of young students and graduates that their actions and behaviours will earn them results in their lives and therefore their focus should be on cultivating  and nurturing the right attitude towards their work and civic duties in general.

“As a nation in a democratic transition, The Gambia faces a defining moment of truth about attitude and mindset toward national development. In this drama of national reckoning, there are two roles to perform: the public official and private citizen. Both have their shared as well as separate duties and responsibilities.

“The public official representing the state and the private citizen representing the public should imbibe the same attitude and mindset toward national development. They must both root for and work toward the nation’s progress and advancement.

“The sanctity of the peace, law and order, rule of law, constitutional and democratic rights, private properties, freedom of thought, tolerance for diversity of opinions must be respected and not violated by public official and the private citizen. Only through such attitude and mindset can the atmosphere exist for national development that is worthwhile, fulfilling and enduring.” He asserted.

Sabally went on to alert the students (outgoing and incoming) at the School of Public Health to realise that their foray into the public service is surely going to expose them to myriad challenges that need to be confronted head on rather dodged.

In his conclusions remarks he told the audience “It’s not an easy world out there, but with the right attitude and a sense of purpose and persistence, you will always prevail and excel no matter how high the inevitable obstacles on your way. It is such a spirit in you, the individual, that would help in our quest for a national attitudinal transformation. As I stated in my book “For The Gambia: Living the National Anthem”: The Gambia can only be as great as we (the sons and daughters of the homeland) make it… as the economist J.S Mill rightly observed ‘the worth of a state, in the long run, is the worth of the individuals composing it.’”

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