Gambia: Opinion-Barrow is the cause of all these political mess we are encountering as a country today

Barrow is the cause of all these political mess we are encountering as a country today
If anyone is to be blamed for the current political crises and confusion then look no further than president Barrow.
And the reasons are simple. In April 2017, just before the parliamentary elections, Barrow embarked on a countrywide tour literally campaigning for the UDP disguised as the usual meet the people’s tour. He was also on record claiming to have sponsored all the UDP parliamentary candidates and there are also reports that he did same for the councillors as well. And because of this UDP took full advantage of Barrow’s interference therefore using his image and coalition 2016 brands to their advantage. GDC went to the extend of writing to the IEC reporting exactly what UDP were doing, which was a violation of the Electoral Act but no action was taken.
Now that the same Coalition president who had betrayed his Coalition partners is at loggerheads with the same UDP he helped to cement their positions at the National Assembly because of his ambition to extend his mandate beyond the agreed 3 years, the country is virtually in political turmoil.
We can all say that both Darboe and Barrow misread each other’s intentions reference to  Darboe’s threat to sue those advocating for the 3 years transition and Barrow saying Darboe is his political father. None of them is saying those words again today, further demonstrating their selfishness towards their own agendas at the expense of the Gambian people.
In my opinion both Barrow and Darboe (UDP) have clearly shown that they cannot be trusted and should not be given a second chance again. They had their chances and completely messed them up.
The whole mess could have been avoided if Barrow was not clouded by his interest to extend his rule therefore ignoring the promise the 2016 coalition made to the Gambian people. As much as we disagree with the UDP, I don’t think they would go after Barrow to this level if he wasn’t behaving this way. He is completely ignoring his promises, selfishly cosying up with former enablers all with the intention of having somewhere to lean on when the inevitable BYM is changed to a political party. UDP has now smelt the coffee and are going after him and the only losers here are the ordinary Gambians. This is why from the onset, Barrow should have remained impartial as a Coalition candidate and these mayhem would never had happened.
My message to you all is, don’t support either Barrow or the UDP camp, support the Gambia’s interest instead. We will always remind Gambians that Barrow promised to step down after 3 years, so that a fresh election could be organised and he must respect that or else he cannot be trusted ever again.
MC Cham Jnr
National Youth President
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