Gambia: Neighborhood Crime Watch Launched In The Gambia-SPEECH DELIVERED BY SEEDY CEESAY


Good Afternoon I G P: Alhagie Mamour Jobe

Police Command
Senior Police Officers
Ladies and Gentlemen
Media Houses Representatives


Today we are here to witness a historical event, the partnership between Neighbourhood crime watch and The Gambia police force and the signing ceremony of the M O U as well as the launching of Neighbourhood Crime Watch with our media partners, the Gambia Radio and Television Services.

Neighbourhood crime watch shall be a programme of awareness and assistance in the community aimed at reducing crime in the community at the grass-root level. Citizens shall be taught how to make their homes less of an attractive target for burglary and how to spot and be alert to suspicious activities in their neighbourhood.

Please let me introduce the Neighbourhood Crime watch and the Theory of Reduction of Opportunity.

Most residential crimes occur because the opportunity to commit them existed and these are categorised into two aspects.

  • The opportunity created by the victim through carelessness and lack of attention to security and
  • Failure to cooperate and interact with neighbours to identify the opportunity created for the criminal using his or her skill, to act.

The latter describes the professional criminal. It is believed by law enforcement that a small minority of crimes are committed by professional criminals. The bulk of crimes involves skilled or unskilled armatures and centres on opportunities created by the victims themselves.

It is at this central stage that your organisation is willing to forge partnership with us in the community crime watch. Sir, you recognise and appreciate that when it comes to fighting crime, we’re all in this together. That embodies my belief in the value of shared responsibility.

Please permit me to highlight on Crime and the scale of the problem:

Nothing affects people’s quality of life more than crime. And today, we have seen crimes been reported on daily basis in various police stations. Our citizens are likely to be victims of crime if community policing is not introduce in our cities, towns and villages.

For this reason we need for police reform and support.

The need for police reform and support is much awaited for the success of the noble endeavor. The question remain what is the right direction for that reform to take place? My view to this question is clear: It’s time for a fundamental shake-up of how policing in done in our country to improve the combat against crime. You can’t be tough on crime unless you reform the way policing is done henceforth details of which are already discussed with your organization.

Firstly, police forces must be made more accessible and sociable to local communities. Secondly in order to stimulate cooperation, the police pay scale and conditions of operation must be modernized to ensure much better policing performance.

In conclusion:

You will agree dear Sir that these and other reforms are long overdue for the optimum performance of the police force. Good police practice will avail officers community recognition as well as your appreciation that will also reward success.

In that way we will rebuild the bond of trust between the police and the public. The fight against crime is our shared responsibility as a society: we’re all in this together. We need thoughtful, patient, long-term action and education to tackle the causes of crime in our societies.

Unless we have the courage and the determination to pursue radical police reform and continued community awareness, education and cooperation, we will never build the safer communities we all want to see.

Thank you for your attention.


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