Supporters of the sacked Gambian Vice President Ousainou Darboe have begun setting President Adama Barrow’s Youth Movement t shirts ablaze, FREEDOM NEWSPAPER CAN REPORT. Pockets of disgruntled UDP supporters on Wednesday stormed the highway burning t shirts bearing President Barrow’s picture. Disgruntled UDP supporters could be heard saying “here is Adama Barrow” while displaying his burnt t shirt on the road.

The protesting UDP supporters were from the airport to welcome their Leader Ousainou Darboe, who had just returned from a trip to the United States. Darboe was among the UDP officials, who attended the UDP Congress that was held in Seattle, Washington.

The burning fire nearly consumed other motorists along the road. “Be careful,” one UDP supporter told those burning Mr. Barrow’s t shirt. Notwithstanding, they kept burning Barrow’s t shirts.

Some of the UDP women supporters also chanted songs derogatory to the President. In one instance, Barrow was branded as a misguided person, who had been cursed by a donkey.

The UDP Leader Ousainou Darboe’s hasn’t disavowed the unruly conduct of his supporters yet.

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