Gambia: Students of City University of New York Study Sankanu’s Pain of Sorrow Film


Students of City University of New York Screen Sankanu’s Pain of Sorrow Film

The notable Gambia film PAIN OF SORROW (2017) produced by respected filmmaker Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu, a pioneer of the modern Gambian cinematography, was screened by  the  Students of the “Contemporary West Africa in Cinema and Cultural History course” at Lehman College, City University of New York (CUNY), USA on 02 April 2019. They  had an interative session with Sankanu on 04 April 2019. Sankanu says “I am impressed by the performance of the students during the interative session that followed the educational screening. They asked me insigtful questions and showed huge interest in African Cinema.”

Prince Sankanu’s growing film titles include KUU BUKA LABANG (The Gambia, 2017), HISIRINWALLE (The Gambia 2017), BLEEDING BLADE (The Gambia, 2017), BUBACARD (Germany 2012) and BACKFIRE (Germany, 2011). He is executive producer of the Gambian-German documentary film on the legend of Nyanchor Kelepha Sanneh of Kaabu Empire directed by Fenja Braster (2019).  Originally from Sotuma Sere in Jimara district of the Upper River Region (URR), Sankanu started as a student journalist and trainee at The Point Newspaper while at Sukuta Secondary and Nusrat High School. He evolved into a professional reporter for the Voice of America, contributor to the BBC Focus on Africa and freelancer for Deutsche Welle, Germany.  Sankanu worked as Producer of News and Current Affairs at the Gambia Radio and Television (GRTS) before moving to Germany in 1998.

While in Europe, Sankanu made a career swift into creative arts and culture and completed a Master’s Degree programme in Film Studies: Theory and Practice from the University of Stirling in Scotland, UK. He did his Digital Film and Animation Diploma at the SAE Insitute in Cologne, Germany. His PhD research proposal in Contemporary History and Politics is accepted at the Bath Spa University (BSU) in the UK. His academic publications include – Sankanu, Prince (2016). Rediscovering Frantz Fanon at Scotland’s Africa in Motion Film Festival, NECSUS European Journal of Media Studies, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press (Accessed on 04 April 2019).

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