Some foreign Forensic experts are currently at the Yundum barracks to help exhume the bodies of the November 11th, 1994 coupists, FREEDOM NEWSPAPER CAN REPORT. The late lieutenant Basiru Barrow, Lt. Dot Faal, Lt. Gibril Saye and others were buried in an incomplete pit latrine behind the Yundum barracks cookhouse.

The Forensic experts are expected to examine and identify the bodies of the late officers and soldiers before handing them to their families for decent burial. Over dozen officers have buried at the Yundum barracks.

The Gambian government is being aided an international forensic organization to help trace and identify the bodies soldiers and civilians murdered during Jammeh’s rule.

As we file this report, the forensic team have started digging and exhuming bodies at Yundum. We will keep you posted with developments as it unfolds.

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