The man, who self-styled the Barrow led Coalition government as “TEKI.COM” has been fired from Gambia’s Foreign Service, FREEDOM NEWSPAPER CAN REVEAL. Mr. Dibba received his marching orders on April 4th 2019.  He was informed by the Personnel Management Office (PMO) in a tersely worded letter that the termination of his contract as a Protocol Officer at The Gambian Mission in Jeddah was “ due to breach of the code of conduct of the Civil Service by posting an audio on Freedom Newspaper Online Newspaper decrying and restating your loyalty to the former Vice President.”

Mr. Dibba’s sacking letter was signed by one Musa Camara on behalf of the Permanent Secretary. He was told that he would be paid a month’s salary in lieu of notice.

Reacting to his firing, Ebrima Dibba told Freedom Newspaper that he has accepted his sacking in good faith. “I accepted by my sacking in good faith. My loyalty to our party leader Ousainou Darboe and the UDP party remain unchanged. I standby my previous statement. It is only death that can separate me with Ousainou Darboe and the UDP. I am ready to move on with my life,” Dibba told me.

“Freedom Newspaper has nothing to do with my sacking. They are just using the Freedom Newspaper as a basis to coverup their retribution against me. I have been sacked because of my political opinion and beliefs. I was a junior Foreign Service staffer. If the President can crack down on a junior staffer like me, that tells you a lot about the quality of leadership we have in this country,” Dibba added.

Meanwhile Dibba, has recorded another whatsapp Audio informing his followers that he had been fired. He says Barrow has violated the public service policy by sacking him without any formal prior warning from the PMO.

According to Dibba, under the service rule, he should have been reprimanded first before been arbitrarily fired.

He also accused Barrow of running a discriminatory government. He says the likes of Ebrima Ceesay, Secretary to cabinet, Dodou Sano, Yankuba Saidy, Permanent Secretary in charge of investment at the State House, and Barrow’s driver Mansa Sumareh have been meddling into local Gambian domestic politics and were not fired.

He says there is no difference between him and the aforementioned individuals adding that they are all guided by the same civil service rules. Dibba says he has no regrets for pledging his allegiance to Ousainou Darboe and the UDP.

Editors note: Ebrima Dibba never posted an audio on the Freedom Newspaper as falsely claimed by the PMO. The PMO has got it all wrong!

Mr. Dibba’s whatsapp audio was widely circulated on social media. That is public knowledge.

It is not only misleading for the PMO to make such false claims, it is also dishonest on their part to falsely claim that Dibba had posted an audio on Freedom Newspaper by decrying the sacking of Ousainou Darboe. What we did was; to merely transcribe the audio and scribbled a story. Get your facts right PMO. Thanks for your attention.

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