After been called out on numerous occasions by the TRRC Lead Counsel Essa Faal for lying to the commission, Pa Lamin Senghore, AKA assassin, has been taken into police custody, FREEDOM NEWSPAPER CAN REPORT. Senghore was arrested shortly after giving evidence before the TRRC on Monday. Senghore was earlier  confronted by the TRRC Lead Counsel Mr. Faal,  about an alleged torture allegations involving him, which he repeatedly denied, even though multiple witnesses have accused him of torture.

One of the alleged lies Sengore had told the commission was, when he claimed that he was able to scare off the Gendamerie officers, who were stationed at the Denton bridge on the day of the July 22nd 1994 coup by threatening to bombard them with his machine gun. Senghore claimed that the Gendam officers allowed him and his men to pass through the bridge uninterrupted, when he threatened to shoot at them.

Lead Counsel Faal later confronted him with evidences adduced by different witnesses, who said passage through the bridge was possible—thanks to the negotiations spearheaded by the former coup leader Yahya Jammeh, who was able to convince Mr. Suwareh, the then commander of the Gendam officers stationed at the bridge. Senghore agreed with Faal’s assertion. Faal then warned him to stop lying to the commission.

Another lie allegedly made by Senghore, was when he denied taking part in the torture of the November 11th 1994 coupists. He had admitted taking part in the operation to foil the coup, but he has denied torturing or maltreating any of the coup captives.

Lead Counsel Faal, then played a video for Senghore, in which Mafugi Sonko, one of the November 11th captives, told the commission in an earlier appearance that he, and his co captives were mercilessly tortured by soldiers led by the former junta council members. Witness Abdoulie Darboe, a former army clerk also said he was tortured by Pa Lamin Senghore.

In response, Senghore, denied the allegations. He said he never tortured Darboe. Though, he had admitted arresting Darboe, when their motorcade was stopped around the Yundum barracks on the day of the operation.

Lamin Senghore was again warned by the Lead Counsel to stop lying to the commission. He maintained that he never witnessed or participated in any torture of army captives.

Senghore was also confronted with the testimony made by Lt. Colonel Baboucarr Sanyang, the current commander of the Yundum barracks. Sanyang said when he was arrested shortly after the sacking and the subsequent arrest of Sanna Sabally, the former junta Vice Chairman, Pa Lamin Senghore and the late soldier Ndure, were among the soldiers, who supervised his torture at the mile two prison. He says Brigadier General Alhagie Martin, was the one who led the torture team, who tortured him on the day in question.

Again, Lamin Senghore, has denied Sanyang’s claims. He said he never witnessed or participated in torturing Sanyang.

Senghore says he had wanted to avenge his anger against three of the detainees: RSM Alhagie Faye, Baboucarr Sanyang, and one Mr. Musa Ceesay, but he decided to forgive them. He claimed that he was punished by Faye, following his failure to spend the night at the Yundum barracks. He added that Sanyang was used as a witness to concord lies against him, even though Sanyang, has no clue about what he was asked to witness.

Lead Counsel Faal then put it to Senghore that RSM Faye had denied meeting him at mile two. Ceesay also had denied Senghore claims.

Another statement that Senghore made, which was perceived as a lie by the Lead Counsel, was when he claimed that he passed out at the Fajara barracks due to the smoke (gas) he inhaled from his bullets he fired from his machine gun on the night of the November 11th 1994 abortive coup. Lead Consel Faal told him that there was no evidence before the TRRC to suggest that he had passed out at the Fajara barracks. He added that the only person that was said to have passed out at the Yundum barracks was council member Yankuba Touray.  Senghore maintained that he indeed passed out.

When asked how he got the nickname assassin, Senghore claimed that he got the name because he was a “fast” learner when he joined the army. He denied being a killer, who uses hammer to torture his captives.

Leader Counsel Faal then put it to Senghore that he was virtually everywhere and he uses hammer to torture his victims at mile two prison. In response Senghore remarked: “That is Pa Nderry’s views.”

Lead Counsel Faal told him that fast learners are never called assassin. Senghore maintained that he is not a killer.

Lamin Senghore testified that he was among dictator Jammeh’s constituted assassin security team called the jungullars. He served at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) after leaving the army. He last place of employment was the National Drug Enforcement Agency, where he works as an anti-narcotic officer.

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