The Turkish airline (TK571) which flies between Ankara and Banjul has been leaving customers suitcases (luggage) behind, aggrieved customers have lamented. Passengers, who traveled with the said flight this past Wednesday, say their suitcases were left behind by the airline. They had to wait for a day or so before receiving their belongings.

“Folks, who flew with the flight last Wednesday haven’t seen a single luggage. They were told that their suitcases were in Turkey. The airline has also canceled its flight to Banjul today as well,” said one concerned passenger.

Some holidaymakers were among those affected by the delay in claiming their luggage on arrival at the Banjul international airport.  They left the airport without claiming their luggage.

Customers were given a certain phone number to call to direct all their queries and complaints as far as their suitcases were concerned.

The Turkish airline officials could not be reached for comment. Officials at The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority were also indisposed for comment.

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