A major staff layoff is imminent at the Social Security, Housing and Finance Corporation, Freedom Newspaper can report. At least 50 staffers of the SSHFC would be laid off, per the information reaching us.  Plans are afoot to send the staffers home, sources said. 

MD Muhammed Manjang recently requested to have access to the staff payroll of the Corporation, amid reports of a planned layoff.

There is an increasing panic at the SSHFC. Anxiety and worry continue to grip the staffers.

Among those to be laid off, according to sources, include the suspended staffers of the Corporation. Kebba Touray and co had been placed under six months suspension. This followed, a Presidential task force committee, which was assigned to look into the disturbances at the SSHFC amid a push and pull between the staff and their MD Manjang.

There are plans to include the suspended staff into the planned redundancy. The layoffs will not happen until they resume duties,” sources intimated.

The SSHFC management could not be reached for comment.

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