Dear Pa Nderry,
I have listened to your Radio program where you singled out myself MC Cham Jnr and Batch Samba, saying that we should not help the UDP to fight against Adama Barrow. In the program, you expressed your analytical opinion which I respect, but then disagree with your viewpoint. As far as myself and Batch Samba are concern, all I can say to you is, we are on course.
And lest you forget, that GDC is still an opposition party and not a partner to the coalition and so, any constructive  criticism directed at the government is rightly so.
UDP’s current stance against Barrow has nothing to the effect having us helping them, we’ve been justly opposing Barrow since he steps into office. It is within our responsibility to point out the wrongs and amplify them to be corrected, that is our duty as an opposition and if UDP comes in to join the bandwagon to oppose the president, that’s their prerogative.
What GDC is focus on moving forward is how to get Hon Kandeh into State House and change the course of direction of this country towards an acceptable standard. Neither Barrow nor UDP can propel this nation forward as we’ve seen, but the GDC.
MC Cham Jnr
National Youth President
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