The former Consular at The Gambian Consulate in Jeddah General Lamin Bojang has bounced back in Barrow’s led Coalition government, FREEDOM NEWSPAPER CAN REVEAL. Bojang, whose Diplomatic contract with The Gambian government expired last year, has been rehired into the Foreign Service. He is now the Deputy Chief of mission (Deputy Ambassador) at The Gambian Embassy in Russia. He now works under the UDP handpicked Ambassador to Russia Jainaba Bah. Ms. Bah was among the dozens of UDP supporters appointed into the Foreign Service, through the recommendation of their party leader Ousainou Darboe. 

Mr. Bojang is a career former army officer and Diplomat. Bojang was recalled about a year ago to report to Banjul, while Ousainou Darboe, the sacked Vice President, was the then Foreign Minister. He was replaced by a UDP surrogate, one Mr. Bojang, a native of Brikama, before the arrival of Ambassador Omar Faye.

Bojang had been sitting in Banjul for over a year before he was rehired back into the system. He is a native of Brufut.

Insiders at The Gambian Foreign Ministry have confirmed Bojang’s reinstatement.

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