GAMBIA: TRRC WITNESS Muhammed Bojang Got It Wrong, When He Adduced In Evidence That Sadibou Hydara And Sanna Sabally Were Present At Koro Ceesay Murder Scene Around Jambour; The Duo Were In Prison Custody At The Time!


The TRRC should recall Muhammed Bojang, a former police detective to correct some part of his testimony involving the murder of the late Ousman Koro Ceesay. Mr. Bojang has adduced in evidence that the late Sadibou Hydara and Sanna Bairo Sabally, both former junta council members, were present at the crime scene of the late Koro Ceesay around Jambour. No disrespect intended, but the truth be told; some of the junior counsels working with the TRRC, were pretty young, when the junta came to power; hence they are not aware of what transpired at the time. Age is not an excuse though for one’s ignorance about happenings in his or her country. The TRRC investigators, support staff and counsels should ensure that misleading testimonies should not be presented as “an impartial historical facts.” That said, the TRRC young counsels are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up. 

For the record: Hydara and Sabally were arrested on January 27th, 1995 after been accused by the former junta Chairman Yahya Jammeh of plotting to topple his regime.

The late Ousman Koro Ceesay was allegedly murdered on June 22nd, 1995. Hydara and Sabally were in mile two custody, when Koro Ceesay was allegedly murdered. The incident happened five months after Hydara and Sabally were arrested.

Our old friend Muhammed Bojang had repeatedly adduced in evidence that Hydara and Sabally were present at the scene of the crime, when he and his fellow investigators were there to investigate what he referred to as “a car accident” involving the late minister at the time.

Lamin Kaba Bajo was the Interior Minister at the time of Koro Ceesay’s alleged murder; not Sadibou Hydara. Edward Singhateh was the Vice Chairman at the time, and not Sanna Bairo Sabally. Thanks for your attention.

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